Three way race for Council Ward 4


Three candidates are running for the Ward 4 seat on Williamston Town Council. They are Otis Scott, Elaine Wilson and Mike Looper.

Scott served on council from 2004 to 2008. While on council he served as mayor pro tem for two years and was instrumental in getting the hospitality tax for Williamston.

According to Scott, the 2 percent tax on prepared food has helped fund recreation and playground equipment for Brookdale Park, new restrooms at Brookdale, the Gray Drive Park and improvement to Mineral Spring Park.

Scott helped secure Anderson County C funds to help pave Academy St. and Spring St. and hopes to continue an effort he began to get sidewalks on Academy St. and Belton Drive.

He retired from Keaton?? Constuction with twenty years service and said that being retired allows him more time to devote to the town. He wants to see more businesses and a grocery store in town and said he will work to find ways to cut unnecessary spending.

He said if elected he will treat all citizens alike and be available night or day for questions or concerns.

He said he wants to make all of Williamston safe and that, if elected, the town will not have to furnish him with a cell phone.

Elaine Wilson, of 115 Third St., Williamston, is a graduate of Palmetto High School and has three daughters and eight grandchildren.

She said she is “a Christian by faith” and attends Beech Springs Tabernacle where she has served in several different ministries, including children’s church, Jr. High youth, and prayer team. She currently teaches a Celebrate Recovery Class.

She said she is concerned about the direction the present leadership has taken the town. High utility rates, spending that could have waited and a seemingly disinterest in the community are a few of the complaints she has about the town’s government.

Although she is not the first female to run for office in Williamston, if elected she would be the first to serve on council.

“I am willing to serve and excited about serving with a mayor and other council members who have the best interest of Williamston at heart.”Mike Looper is running for a second term for the Ward 4 seat on Williamston Town Council.

Looper said he would like to work for taxpayers with the right people in the mayor’s seat and on council to get the town out of what he said is “a negative limelight for the past thirteen years.”

Looper has concerns about the transfer of money from the fund balance to pay for over budget items which he says is being done without the approval of council.

“We all know water rates are high in the town,” Looper said. He pointed out that water rates are set by the company the town purchases water from.”

Looper said decisions made years ago to close the town’s water plant was done without consideration of the long term costs that would be placed on citizens in the future.

“I won’t promise that I can lower your water bill,” Looper said. “I will promise that I will make sure our budget is reduced and the wasteful spending is stopped immediately.”

Looper said the town “can reduce spending and provide more services at a lower cost to the people.”

He stated that he thinks there is not transparency in town and the purchasing policy is not being followed.