Around the County . . .


The following actions are contained in the Anderson County Public Works update for the week ending January 24:

Building and Codes

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Materials Management Storage Building located off of Pine Road and Hwy 81 North and Various resubmittals.

Development Standards

· Met with Planning Director on two items; both for the proposed placement of two free-standing signs for possible variances. One located at the Shoppes at Centerpoint , Hwy 153, and one located at Ingles Highway 81 and Oakhill Drive, for a proposed kiosk and gasoline canopy. Both plans were reconfigured to meet the sign area requirement without the need for a variance.

· Working with property owners on a possible violation of the placement of a manufactured home located in Hillcrest Heights Subdivision/ Lee Street and Sally Street, Honea Path. Property owner’s  Attorney is reviewing deed restrictions and covenants and will notify Development Standards once the issue has been resolved.

· Reviewing site drawings with Roads & Bridges Principal Engineer in the placement of a sign along an access easement. The property is located behind Taco Bell and McDonald’s on Highway 153, abutting up to Cely Lane and will be developed as commercial development. Staff has requested additional information from the sign company in order to make a determination as to whether the placement will affect future development.

· Collected $47,500 cash bond for River Reserve Phase IV.

· COMPLIANCE ISSUES: An abandoned storage building located on Franklin Road, Anderson; Bearbrook Trail, in Williamston, complaint storage of more than one (1) commercial vehicle.

Roads & Bridges

· Welcome Road (S-04-0096) and Alliance Parkway (C-06-0030) Intersection: a small crew completed the stone base work; waiting for asphalt binder to be placed before returning to complete the shoulder work and remove the old asphalt pavement.

· Approved county road encroachment permits for Quick Trip in Powdersville for four driveways onto the roads in Center Pointe commercial development.

Solid Waste

· Staff is waiting on DHEC to review and approve the stormwater plan for the Slabtown Convenience Center. Once it is approved, we will proceed to place the Slabtown and Carswell Convenience Centers out for bid.