Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


July 18 – P.A. Cochrane responded to 1 Parker St. where Yvonne Pike reported that someone had stolen her boyfriend’s motorcycle but that they had already received Facebook information saying the bike was on the side of Bracken Road in Piedmont. Her boyfriend Erin Slaton had gone to retrieve the bike.

July 18 – C.M. Turner was dispatched to 219 Lebby St. where Stephen Boudreau reported that someone had broken into his vehicle and stole a variety of clothing, tools, electronics valued at $885.

July 18 – M.D. Creamer responded to 143 Lufkin Dr. where Wanda Phillips reported that someone had broken into her home, but was unable to provide a list of items missing at the time.

July 20- K.S. Looney was dispatched to 301 Anderson St. where Steven Case reported the theft of his 2014 orange and silver Bashan Moped, valued at $1000.

July 20 – A. F. Acevedo received a telephone report from Michael Holcombe of 18 Front St. who stated that someone had stolen fishing equipment from his boat valued at $820.

July 20 – M.D. Creamer responded to 508 Woodcock Dr. where he placed Benjamin Holbrooks, WM, 32, 5’9″, 162 pounds brn/blue under arrest for violating a trespass notice.

July 21 – M.T. Brooks responded to 6908 Hwy. 29 N where Matthew Pritchett reported that someone had broken into his home and stolen various electronic devices valued at $920.


July 18 – A.F. Acevedo was dispatched to 221 Oak Road where James Landreth reported that someone broke into his garage and stole some tools.

July 20 – J.M. Doyle responded several times to the Arby’s on Highway 153 to place an animal trap to catch a dog rung lose in the area. Two days later, the trap and a dog reported to be inside it were missing. The trap was valued at $100.

July 20 – J.E. Scott was dispatched to 301 Evert Dr. where Kevin Babcock reported being assaulted by his brother in law name and description withheld by the ACSO, during an argument with his wife, Keri Mahony.

July 21 – A.C. Guthrie was dispatched to 102 Reedy Drive where John Dubonn stated that he was awakened by his house alarm and responded in time to see a Hispanic male in jeans and a light gray shirt fleeing the house with a rifle and two compound hunting bows. Dubonn said he fired six shots at the subject as he fled into the woods but didn’t know if he hit him. A canine officer responded and the tracking team recovered the stolen items, but was unable to locate the subject.

July 21 – P.D. Marter responded to 622 Cooper Rd. to the Vital Care EMS location, where Tyler Trotter reported that two vehicles at the site had been entered, and equipment valued at $550 was stolen.


July 19 – M.T. Brooks responded to the BP station at 1525 Anderson Dr. where Michelle Todd reported that a white male attempted to pay for his purchases with a counterfeit bill, and then fled in a white Ford Ranger displaying SC tag # IK 717.

July 19 – M.T. Brooks responded to the Family Dollar Store at 4800 Hwy. 29N where the store manager reported that a white male, 17-18 years old, in a gray sweatshirt, jeans and a ball cap stole two twelve packs of Budweiser. He dropped one I the parking lot and fled in an old Ford Ranger with SC tag #KGI 625.

July 20 – D.P. Stipe was dispatched to 1237 Shirley Dr. where Clarence Mathis reported that someone had broken into his house while he and his wife were away camping.

July 21 – A.C. Guthrie responded to Stanco Metal at 107 Twenty Nine Court, in reference to an alarm and was advised by the alarm company that a man had been seen walking around the building. Upon arriving at the location, Guthrie saw a red pickup leaving the area. Upon following the truck he observed a piece of cardboard covering the license plate. He initiated a stop, but when he got out of his cruiser, the truck sped away, and made a U turn on Hwy. 29 heading towards Pelzer. The pursuit was terminated when the truck crossed the county line on I-85.