Shyanne Webb running for West Pelzer Council


West Pelzer resident Shyanne Webb recently announced that she is running for the open seat on West Pelzer Town Council. Webb is married to Vincent Webb, a West Pelzer native and is the proud mother of three girls. She has lived in West Pelzer for seven years. “I fell in love with the town as a teenager,” she said. “When I had a chance to choose where I wanted to live as an adult, this is where I chose to be.”

As a resident of West Pelzer, Webb has been actively involved in the community.

She actively participates in the community by volunteering with commuity events including handing out candy to the children at the Fall Festival.

She said if elected she will be a voice for the people and work for what the people want.

“I have been a citizen advocate by voicing my opinions and concerns at town council meetings,” she said.

She is actively involved in the town’s Community Crime Watch and is titled the “North Side Captain.”

“I have taken the initiative to help run a fundraising event for the crime watch program in which we raised enough money to purchase the first 18 signs to be posted around the town,” she said.

Webb said she is, “One hundred percent supportive of the police department.”

She entered the police department in a $10,000 Hero Contest in an attempt to help the town offset the cost of high-priced protective equipment for full and part-time police officers.

“I have always felt safe here and love the fact my children can play outside without too much worry,” she said. “My top priority as a town council member will be to keep our Police Department strong. I believe in a safe environment for all. We will not be safe without a fully staffed police department,” she said.

Webb said if elected she will work to attract and organize more events that bring the community together and will work to attract more business and jobs to West Pelzer.

“I would love to see more events in West Pelzer that bring the community together,” she said. “I love the traditions and values of small town life and being part of a caring, loving community. But I also want to balance long-standing traditions with modern views. We should not stand stagnant.”

“I want to see this town grow economically while staying a small community. I want to be the voice of reason,” Webb said. “I have no agenda of my own, no political or personal goals, I only hope to work for West Pelzer. Each and every one of us deserve a voice.”