Gatewood entrance closed in anticipation of heavy rainfall


Temporary entrance to be used

Due to heavy rains predicted for the area tomorrow and over the weekend, The Town of Williamston and CoTransCo have decided to close the Gatewood entrance which is awaiting repair and allow residents to use the temporary roadway recently constructed. The temporary road was to be used when actual repair on the overpass begins, which may be a year from now.

Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said all traffic will be rerouted to the temporary roadway during theclosure. Street Department Head David Rogers, Williamston Police Chief tony Taylor, and Fire Chief Steve Ellison are assisting in notifying residents of the Gatewood Subdivision, School District One, and Local and County Emergency services of the closure.

“The entrance will be closed later today (Friday) and is planned to be reopened after inspection by CoTransCo engineers following predicted rain event,” Durham said. “The entrance continues to be inspected regularly and also following any significant rain event during this project to ensure safe travel.”

(Photo courtesy Town of Williamston)