Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Feb. 8 – Deborah Ann Martin, 61, 134 Whippoorwill Rd., Pelzer was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident after officers received a call about a hit and run incident in which a fire hydrant on North Hamilton St. was damaged. According to reports, there was a piece of a green truck at the scene and the hydrant was completely disconnected from the pipe. Damage was estimated at $12,000. After checking with local towing services on the rotation list, it was found that a truck had been towed from

Burger King to Whippoorwill Lane. Officers went to the location and contacted Martin who admitted to hitting the hydrant. An arrest warrant was issued for leaving the scene of an accident. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
Feb. 9 – Edward Franklin Scroggs III, 18, 38 Woodmere Ct., Williamston was arrested and issued a UTT for possession of drug paraphernalia at 804 N. Hamilton St. after officer J. Sargent was contacted by Anderson School District One. According to reports a contracted drug K9 indicated a hit on spot 215, which is Scroggs’ parking spot. A search of the vehicle located a lighter and three packs of empty cigarillos wraps. Also a box containing rolling papers and a bag containing a multiple color glass bong and a wooden smoking pipe.
Feb. 9 – Deals Galore, 28 Beaverdam Rd., Williamston reported receiving a counterfeit $1 bill and a $5 from two different unknown customers that made purchases at the store. WPD took possession of the bills and placed them into evidence. F. Eugene investigated.
Feb. 11 – Helen F. Ausburn, 80, 100 Parker St., Williamston reported a set of Craftsman tools missing from a shed at the property. The tools were valued at $300. K. Anthony investigated.
Feb. 11 – Amanda Dawn Holbrooks, 29, 413 Hurricane Creek Rd., Piedmont was arrested for simple possession and driving under suspension after a white Honda was observed disregarding a stop sign at the intersecton of Minor St., and Middleton Boulevard.
According to reports Holbrooks had a suspended license for failure to pay traffic tickets. She also had a warrant in Pickens County. A passenger in the vehicle, Jacob Cathey Thomas, (no additional information) was issued a UTT for simple possession
Reports indicated that multiple containers were found in the vehicle with a variety of of unknown pills in them. Also a small box containing a baggie with marijuana seeds and a clear baggy of a green leaf like residue with the strong odor of marijuana. Three prescription bottles with multiple different colored capsules and a small amount of white powder were found in the center console. Two clear baggies weighing 5 grams and 7 grams with a material field tested as marijuana were found in the passenger side door. A pink bookbag had a white and pink purse which contained 1.5 rolling papaers, multiple different colored pills, a silver and gold metal container of unknown pills, another white plastic container with a green leaf like substance, a partial marijuana cigarette and a strip of unknown pills was also found in the vehicle. Both were issued UTTs and transported to ACDC. B. K. Creel investigated.
Feb. 13 – Larry Wardell Williams, 65, 16B Breazeale Dr., Williamston was placed on trespass notice after an incident at Riggins Garment Care, 215 East Main St., involving a civil matter. According to reports Williams was cussing and being belligerent to the cashier in regards to a mistake on his service order. E. Bonnett, M. Roberts investigated.
Feb. 13 – Laben Hugh Berry, 17, 6865 N,. Hwy. 29, Pelzer was arrested for two outstanding warrants after being observed riding his bicycle on Adnerson Drive at Tyson St. He was also charged with minor in possession of tobacco after a can of Grizzly Winter Green chewing tobacco and an electroinc cigarette were found on him. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.