Around the County . . .

Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway around the county:
Building and Codes
1. PERMITS SUBMITTED: 13 New Single-Family Dwelling and 6 Addition-Renovation; 5 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 1 Demolition; 1 Replacement; 3 Swimming Pools; 77 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 4 Solar Panel Installation; 6 Commercial Including: Dominion Senior Living, Storage Building for Dominion Senior Living, Electrical for Fund Raiser, Electrical for Communications Cabinet, Boiler Change-Out, Electrical for Exhaust Fan Due to Fire Damage; 4 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
2. DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  Advanced Rigging Warehouse located off Three & Twenty Rd., First Quality-Cannonball 4 Concrete for Machine #5, Upstate Church of Christ Addition located off Brown Rd and Various resubmittals.
Development Standards
TTI Outdoor Testing Lab located on Ryobi Drive -Advanced Auto located on Highway 153 -Hemlock Subdivision Phase II
Property owner issued cease and desist order for disturbing 100 year floodplain with a creek crossing without a floodplain development permit. Permit required by FEMA within 30 days for compliance. The site is located on Regency Circle.
Roads & Bridges
1. 7 vacancies: (1) Manager, (1) Truck Driver, (3) Equipment Operators, (1) Mower Operator, (1) Laborer.
2. Ditching Crew ditched and installed pipe in Townville and Homeland Park. Crews also repaired the concrete at the Recycling Center Picnic Shelter at the Civic Center. A drain was added to prevent the problem from happening in the future.
3. Bridge Crew worked to finish repairs on a culvert at the Airport. They also assisted the Ditching Crew with Civic Center repairs.
4. Grading Crews assisted contractors at the Hembree Creek sewer line repair. Twelve loads of dirt were delivered to help stabilize the bank. Crews also repaired culverts on Richland and Gray Drives.
Solid Waste
1. Hauled rock to Starr Landfill to work on Stormwater pond.
2. Provided tonnages for Starr Landfill and Anderson Regional Landfill to the City of Anderson.
3. Repaired a door to the Ambassador’s building at King David.
4. Completed a recycling and litter prevention presentation for 65 Girl Scouts and 15 adults.
5. Staff continues to work to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We currently have 63 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.
6. We have 4 inmates for the convenience centers and 4 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center. We appreciate the Detention Center’s efforts in providing us with the inmates.
1. Assisted industry with “close out” procedures for the wastewater pretreatment system.  The industry is closing and will need to prepare and submit this plan to SCDHEC six months prior to shutting down.  Will continue to assist as needed.
2. Performed 11 residential sewer tap inspections this week: 4 in Wild Hickory Circle, 1 in Shiloh @ The Oaks, 4 in The Arbors @ Cobbs Glen, 1 in Tuscany and 1 in Pheasants Ridge. Also inspected 2 commercial taps: Anderson Heart and Health Center and Dollar General on Hwy 8.
3. Spotted Hannah High School force main for contractors that are installing a new water line for a subdivision on Dunlap road.
4. Attended a construction meeting for the Betsy Tucker sewer project. Contractors are waiting on the manholes to arrive before they can start laying gravity sewer.
5. We had 3 after hour calls for A/C power failure at Hurricane Creek, Broadway and Wren Middle school for a total of 8.5 hours.



Animal Shelter
1. One part time Animal Caretaker position open and a part time maintenance position open.
2. PAWS took in 141 animals this week (14 owner surrender, 2 return adoptions, 78 from animal control and 47 strays).
3. We adopted out 52 animals, one died, 18 were euthanized (8 owner requested due to illness), 15 were returned to their owner and 42 were sent to rescues.
4. The clinic did 83 spay/neuter surgeries.
5. PAWS received $140 in cash donations and approximately $90 worth of food and supplies.
6. We started our Father’s Day promotion, Big Dogs for Big Daddies.  Large dogs are free through the 24th of June.
7. This week we were able to save 92% of the animals in our care.