Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway around Anderson County:
Building and Codes
1. Plan Review Meetings: 1) Met with owner to discuss options for an up-fit to an existing building. Various scenarios were discussed including having multiple tenants and the plans required to be submitted for review.
2. PERMITS SUBMITTED: 15 Single-Family Dwellings; 6 Addition/Renovation; 7 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 3 Pool; 2 Replacement; 10 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 2 Commercial Including: Electrical for Diesel Pump, Electrical Re-Lease for Damaged Apartment; 17 Mobile Home permits including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
3. DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Heatherstone II Apartment Building 6, 7 and 8 in Piedmont, J Davis Construction New Office Building located on Nunnally Rd, Electrical Upgrade to Power Solutions Group and various resubmittals
Development Standards
2. Planning Commission will hear the following applications at their May 8, 2018 Meeting at 6:00PM.
3. Proposed 142 residential lot subdivision located on Rogers Road, Pelzer.
4. Proposed 79 residential lot subdivision located on Circle Road, Piedmont.
5. Proposed Commercial Large Scale Project located on McNeely Road, Powdersville.
6. Proposed Poultry Operation located at Sam Bryson/Sullivan Road, Iva.
8. McDonald’s new restaurant located on Whitehall Road, Anderson.
9. New BP Filling Station/Convenience Store located at 2900 SC Highway 153, Powdersville.
10. Upstate Industrial Park located at Shiloh Church Road, Piedmont.
11. Closet Pro Retail Shop located at Webb Road, Anderson.
12. The Standard Cremation & Funeral Center located Highway 28 & Commerce Blvd. Anderson.
13. Raceway located at Highway 76 & Interstate Blvd. Improvements.
14. Thrasher Farms located at 420 Fairplay Road, Townville.
15. Midway Road Lavender Farm located on Midway Road, Anderson.
17. Quik Trip Convenience Store located on Highway 86, Piedmont.
18. Sanders Storage located on Highway 81N Anderson
19. Verizon Wireless Addition located at 1638 Evergreen Road, Anderson.
20. Lot #26 Sullivan’s Hill (PD) Planned Development.
22. New McDonalds restaurant located on Whitehall Road
23. Thrasher Farms located at 420 Fairplay Road, Townville
24. New Commercial Office Building located on Nunnally Road, Anderson
26. Yorkshire Subdivision located on Circle Road.
27. Hurricane Creek Road Subdivision.
28. Deerpath Subdivision located on Pelzer Road.
30. Anderson Automotive located on Brushy Creek Road-Cost Estimates for Bond
31. Commercial Automotive (Fence) located at 2205 Whitehall Road, Anderson.
33. Illegal signage Highway 187 removed.
Roads & Bridges
1. Grading Crews replaced cross-line pipe on Waites Lane and replaced cross-line and repaired catch basin on Tony Street.
2. Asphalt Crews installed driveway aprons, patched potholes and placed gravel at mailboxes around the County. Placed binder on Ballard Road.
3. Bridge Crew continued work at bridge on Ballard Road: ditching, seed and straw, installed driveway pipe and prepared approaches for asphalt.
4. Sign Crews worked on routine signs throughout Anderson County.
5. Pipe and Ditching Crews worked on ADA project at Brown Road boat ramp, replaced driveway pipes, and opened ditches. Delivered equipment to Civic Center for a Pre-trip and tie-down class.
6. Contractor continued to work on the Hopewell Road Relocation Project. The estimated completion date is July 19, 2018.
7. Staff inspected the ACTC contract, Hopewell Road Relocation contract, and encroachment permits.
8. Completed first subdivision plan review for Wren Woods.
9. 6 Vacancies: (1) Engineering Tech, (2) Laborers, (1) Truck Driver, (1) Bridge Tech, (1) Equipment Operator – pending.
10. On-call crews received 8 after-hours call-outs for a total of 62 man-hours: all downed trees.
1. Department and Clemson Extension staff worked on the installation of a continuous water quality monitoring station in Big Generostee Creek.
2. A cease and desist notice was issued for land disturbing activity without a permit in Liberty Center off of Hwy 178 at I-85.
3. Reviews were conducted for Wren Woods Subdivision (1st), Ortec Pendleton Phase I (2nd), and Smith Mill Townhomes Major Modification (2nd).
4. Major modification approved W.S. Lee Coal Combustion Residuals Management Prog.
Solid Waste
1. ZERO TOLERANCE for LITTER is in effect for the month of April 2018 for the state of South Carolina. There will be a strong push to catch individuals littering by law enforcement with stiff fines.
2. There will be a Shred Day on May 5th at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center from 10am until 1pm.
3. The Sheriff’s Department caught an individual breaking into the King David Convenience Center on 4/18/18. We appreciate their help in catching this individual.
4. Cleaned up an illegal dump site in Williamston on Melonie Dr. Two 40-yard containers of material was hauled off and disposed of at the Anderson Regional and Starr Landfills.
5. Environmental Enforcement assisted Highway Patrol by providing video surveillance at the Agnew Road Convenience Center on a hit and run accident. The individual dumped some car parts at the site.
6. Environmental Enforcement educated residents at the Whitefield, Agnew and White Street Convenience Center on covering their loads.
7. Picked up and emptied trash roll-cart from the Mossy Oak Fishing Bassmaster High School Series Eastern Open held at the Greenpond Event Center on Lake Hartwell.
8. Replaced compactor cylinder at the Agnew Road Convenience Center.
9. We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 0 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
10. Did You Know? Reaching recycling levels of 75% in the United States is the equivalent to removing 55,000,000 cars from the roads annually in terms of the environmental and CO2 impact.


1. Town of Iva’s running balance is $727,347.
2. Contractors are drilling rock and preparing to blast on Phase 2 of the Five Mile Sewer Line replacement. Materials for this project are scheduled to arrive this week.
3. Met with contractors at the Arthrex site to discuss replacing the existing sewer force main that will be under the main entrance drive to ARTHREX. The force main will be replaced with ductile iron pipe and will discharge into the new gravity sewer that will be installed for Arthrex.
4. ROW crew repaired 2 manholes on the Westwind line and cut approximately 4,200 feet of Sewer ROW in Star-Iva
5. ROW crew attended a Pre-Trip/Tie Down class conducted be SC APWA at the Civic Center.
6. The Pump Station crew set up a bypass pump at Hwy. 86 #2 because of leaking pipe work between the wet well and the valve pit. We are in the process of getting prices on repair parts and coordinating with a contractor for repair.
7. Met with REWA about the sewer system in the Powdersville Area, they are evaluating the lift stations and the gravity lines for the future expansion of their sewer system. They are testing the pumping rate of the lift stations to make sure that they are still meeting the design conditions. They are also looking at gravity to make sure that they are no issues with the manholes because of hydrogen sulfide, inflow, or infiltration problems.
8. Construction meeting was held for Betsey Tucker Project to discuss upcoming change orders. Additional stone will be required for bedding of pipe and the addition of a bore for the Outdoor Lab.
9. There were no after hour calls this week.

Animal Shelter
2. We were able to save 97% of the animals in our care this week.
3. INTAKES:  126 (24 owner surrender, 0 return adoptions, 61 from animal control, 31 strays, 10 transferred in)
4. OUTCOMES: 40 animals adopted, 0 died, 4 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 2 animals was owner requested euthanasia, 24 were returned to their owners and 19 were sent to rescue.
5. Clinic performed 84 spay/neuter surgeries.
6. There are currently 161 large dogs, 10 small dogs, 20 puppies, 18 cats and 13 kittens in the facility.
7. Out of the 136 animals available for adoption 104 (76 %) are currently altered.
8. There are 2 dogs being held for court.
9. Dr. Sanders attended the regional NoKill SC meeting in Columbia.  A 3 day mega adoption event is being planned that will take place across the state.
10. PAWS received $272.85 in cash donations and Kravet Fabrics made a large donation of carpet squares that make soft places for our animals to sleep.