Brewer leaving West Pelzer police

By Stan Welch
West Pelzer Mayor Blake Sanders has confirmed to The Journal that police chief Chris Brewer will leave the department at the end of June to pursue a career as a nurse. Brewer, who became police chief on April 27, 2017 following then Chief Mike Clardy’s retirement, recently completed his nurse’s training and became a registered nurse.
Sanders said that Brewer will also be available as a police officer on a part time basis if needed by the town. Sanders also assured The Journal that the department’s manpower will not be affected. “We will maintain the current level of manpower and will be promoting a part time officer to  an additional full time officer.”
Chief Brewer confirmed that, saying that a full time officer is already lined up to begin duty on July 1. Brewer, who has already retired after twenty three years in the S.C. National Guard, said he began pursuing his nursing degree at Tri County Technical College three years ago, and recently completed his associates degree. He will be working for Medshore.
The town will also make history by promoting Lieutenant Alexis Eliopoulus to the position of Chief, making her the first female police chief the town has had. Brewer hired her just weeks after taking over the department.