Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway:

Fleet Services
Opened 198 work orders
Closed 155 work orders
Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $2.13↑, Diesel $2.35↑
Diesel Mechanic position open
Fleet Manager and (2) Diesel Mechanics went to a Cummins Diesel training class
·         Weekly Availability:   95.19 %
·         To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
·         Did You Know? The average car has over 30,000 parts.
Roads & Bridges
On Call crew received 4 call outs. 3 downed trees, 1 dead animal. 5 crew members, total 20 hrs.
Sign Crew
11 open request, completed 23 request. Completed 30 sign task for Engineering Dept.
Bridge Crew
Continued work at Crossing (golf Cart, Brookstone Meadows) on Scotts Bridge Rd. (walls is failing, integrity of shoulders of road in danger). Started concrete repair at Dolly Cooper Park.
Asphalt Crew
Repaired 18 potholes (request [100%]), 17 driveway aprons, placing asphalt Binder on west side of Bridge on Shiloh Church Rd. Project. Strip patched Cann Rd. at newly installed x-line.
Ditching/Driveway Crew
10 driveways, 1000 feet ditching.
Grading/Culvert Crew
Rebuilding road bed on Shiloh Church Rd. Project, preparing for Asphalt West side of Bridge.
Engineering Crew
Completed pavement evaluations for 15 pavement segments.
3 Locates for Contractors.
4 County road issues completed
6 Investigate task completed.
8 Subdivision Inspections completed.
Pavement Marking Contract: 5 roads have received new Markings.
2 Right of way Inquiries, 1 Road abandonment Inquiry, 1 Encroachment Permit, 7 Right of Way Projects (5 parcels awaiting closing, 4 Parcels on hold, 8 parcels negotiating, 1 closed.
Approved permit for Landscaping on Innovation Way.

·         Two Personal Injuries; One Tort/Property Claims
·         Two safety meetings: Topics-Road Rage, Accident Reporting, Safety Update, Tort/Property Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Training Updated
·         County Wide Safety Meeting: Topics-Old Business, Today’s Inspections, Safety Updates, Workers Compensation Claims, Tort/Property Claims
·         Coordinating the Upcoming Mower Operator Training (5/29)
·         Coordinating the Upcoming First Aid, CPR and AED Training (June 2019)
Solid Waste
·         There will be a Shred Day on June 22, 2019 at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Confirmed Shred Day ads with the Anderson Independent and 105.5 The Roar to run the two weeks before the event.
·         The Great Anderson County Cleanup runs from March 2019 through the end of May 2019 in conjunction with the Great American Cleanup. The total count on litter bags picked up at this time by volunteers and Detention Center Litter Crew is 6350 and 563 illegally dumped waste tires. We appreciate everyone continuing to volunteer their time in picking up litter in Anderson County.
·         Environmental Enforcement was able to assist Parks and Recreation by catching 3 teenagers littering at the Green Pond Event Center on a live feed to the Parks and Recreation Department. Parks staff was able to see these teenagers littering at the site and Enforcement reacted quickly to catch them. All received maximum fines of $1,087.50.
·         Staff assisted Parks and Recreation at the Green Pond Event Center with securing the courtesy dock on the old ramp side.
·         Staff attended “Busting Contamination” Lunch and Learn hosted by Carolina Recycling Association. Contamination issues and other information about the current recycling market were discussed.
·         Completed a recycling and litter prevention presentation for Iva Elementary First Graders. There were 57 students and 4 teachers present.
·         Environmental Enforcement took 3 cases to court this week. Two individuals were found guilty for littering and one for unlawful dumping was found guilty.
·         Staff assisted the REJUVENATECHURCH at the Civic Center Recycling Site area of the Civic Center for their Color Run event. We provided 95-gallon roll-carts for the event and coned off areas needed for the run. Roads and Bridges provided the orange cones and road barriers.
·         Staff is working on improving some of the landscaping at the Townville Convenience Center by adding river rock.
·         We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·         Did You Know? The presence of litter in a community decreases property values over 7%.
·         Manager attended an informational meeting presented by SCDHEC on the forthcoming Construction Stormwater General Permit.
·         10 Acres of off Hwy 187 project received the sixth consecutive Notice to Comply. A compliance and enforcement meeting has been requested with the permittee.
·         Staff attended the International Erosion Control Association’s Municipal Wet Weather Stormwater Conference in Greenville, SC. The manager gave a presentation on the Broadway Lake Dam Repair Project.
·         Pre-con held and approval issued for Patina Storage.
Did You Know?  When stormwater is absorbed into the soil, it is filtered replenishes groundwater aquifers and ultimately flows into streams and rivers.
Town of Iva
·         Running balance $814,863.85.
·         Assisted City of Anderson with confirming allocated flow for industrial users discharging to the County’s Collection System and then to a City Treatment Plant.
·         Inquired with industry regarding flow increases in the plant over the last couple of weeks.   A record of discharged flow was provided, indicating no increases from the industry.
·         Finalized the details for the upcoming Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Class.  It will be held on May 29.  Upstate agencies which would have interest in this particular topic have been invited to attend.
·         Two crews are cutting ROWs this week along the Beaver Dam line; they’re in the Cobbs Glen and Snow Rd. areas and should finish up early next week.
·         The ROW crew helped at the Green Pond landing with installing some aluminum dock pieces. We loaded the old sections on our trailer and took it to the Roads and Bridges yard.
·         Both crews will be cutting the Dolly Cooper complex on Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for the Saluda River Rally event which will take place the first weekend of June.
·         Observed vacuum excavation on Clemson Blvd to determine if we can install a gravity sewer line to serve site currently served by Charlie T’s pump station.
·         Attended monthly development coordination meeting with ReWa.
·         Answered questions about capacity for potential restaurant at Hwy 24 and 187.
6&20 WWTP
·         Started 24 hour composite sampler and collected effluent samples for second monthly parameter tests required by SCDHEC.
·         Cleaned one drying bed, re-sanded and drained wasted sludge from digester.
·         Cleaned Ultraviolet lights and flushed channel to prevent algae from growing in the contact chamber.
Pump Station
·         Started installation of new control panel and generator transfer switch for the upgrade at The Lakes Pump Station.
·         Completed monthly inspections for ARV.
·         Tested backflow for Powdersville Water.
·         Contractor for the Deer Path Development performed the mandrel pull and low pressure air testing for the newly installed sewer system this week. Once the binder for the road is installed they can then proceed with the vacuum testing of the manholes. Once this testing is complete we can then proceed with submitting the finalized paper work to SCDHEC.
·         Downloaded the data off of the I-tracker flow monitors that have been installed for the Stone Haven I&I study that is being performed. The data has been sent to the engineering firm that is assisting Anderson County with this study to be analyzed. Two more flow monitors have been added for a total of 7 to help and try to isolate more sections of lines to determine points of origin of the I&I within the subdivisions infrastructure.
·         Vacuum Testing was performed @ Shackleburg Farms Development on the manholes this week. This is the last phase of testing to be performed for this subdivisions new infrastructure that has been recently installed. We are now waiting on the Design Engineers recorded data of the testing so that we can submit it to SCDHEC for approval.
·         A pre-con meeting was held for Phase II @ Rogers Knoll Subdivision to review the plans with the Design Engineer, Contractor, and Anderson County Staff before work was to take place. The reason was to insure that everyone had the latest revised set of plans stamped by DHEC for construction approval and to insure that contractor understood the requirements set forth by all participating parties.

Animal Shelter
·         We were able to save 96% of the animals in our care this week.
·         Intakes: 128 (25 owner surrender, 4 return adoptions, 57 from animal control, 26 strays and 16 transferred in).
·         Outcomes: 43 animals adopted, 3 died, 2 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 4 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 11 were returned to their owners and 40 were sent to rescue.
·         Clinic performed 98 spay/neuter surgeries.
·         3 dogs were treated for heartworms
·         Currently 121 large dogs, 7 small dogs, 12 puppies, 28 cats and 15 kittens in the facility.
·         Currently 109 animals available for adoption and 57 of those animals are altered (52%).
·         Seven (7) animals being held for court.
·         PAWS received $ 505.51 cash donations.
·         Two Glenview Middle School students, Gabe Lopez and William Johnson, held a “Smash Brothers Tourny for PAWS” at Planet Comics.  These guys raised over $700 for the animals.  We are so grateful for our amazing community.
·         PAWS held an end of the year party for the Belton Honea Path Gifted Students that volunteer every week.  Congratulations to Trinity and Andrew on graduating.
·         Brax’s Cars for a Cause was a huge success.  Over $5,000 and 7,700 lbs of food was donated along with cleaning supplies, dog beds and toys.
·         Did You Know?  A dog’s nose print is unique, much like a person’s fingerprint