Signs show election is near


By Stan Welch
As the municipal elections approach, there are signs of political activity in West Pelzer. At least there are if you are incumbent Mayor Blake Sanders, or political newcomer Pat Alexander; both have dozens of campaign signs in yards around town.
If you are incumbent councilman and mayor pro tem Jim Riddle, your signs are harder to find. Riddle, running without opposition, is taking a lower key approach. There is no opposition for any of the seats. Ms. Alexander is running for the seat vacated by incumbent Donnie Jeanes decision not to seek reelection. Alexander’s son Chris, is a town councilman in Williamston.
Sanders and Riddle share a record of accomplishment for the town, including the relocation of the town hall to the new municipal center, and the opening of the Senator Billy O’Dell community center. Sanders was a member of the town council, though not mayor, when Chapman Park was opened.
Riddle did not come onto the council until later. Riddle has also been at the forefront of the effort to reduce truck traffic on Hwy. 8, as well as reducing the speed limit. The speed limit reduction has recently been enacted, but since Hwy. 8 is a state road, efforts to decrease the number of big trucks is a more difficult task.