Around the County . . .


The following projects were reported underway by the Anderson County Public Works Department:

Animal Shelter – We were able to save almost 86% of the animals in our care!  This is the highest number of animals ever saved at PAWS!

We implemented the new program for Community Cats.  These cats are now being spayed/neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, ear tipped and returned to their outdoor home.

PAWS had a long time volunteer step up and offer to be the volunteer coordinator.  This will allow us to expand our outreach and provide wonderful care for our animals.  The program will include orientation for new volunteers and training on procedures at the shelter. 

Buildings and Grounds put mulch out in the dog park to help with the mud due to all of the snow/rain.  Our dogs and volunteers/adopters can now enjoy playing in the park!

We had a large turnout for Christmas adoptions due to our Home 4 the Holidays.  Cats were free and dogs were $4

December Stats:

o   PAWS took in 433 animals.

o   130 were owner surrender

o   8 were returned adoptions

o   239 were brought in by animal control

o   56 were strays brought in by the public

o   193 adoptions

o   8 died in care (small kittens)

o   67 were euthanized (4 were owner requested)

o   29 were returned to their owners

o   137 went to rescues

Building and Codes

Plan Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with Engineer to review plans for Whitefield Fire Department Modular Building. Specific items were addressed and drawings to be resubmitted. 2) Met with Engineer and Owner to discuss new Truss Fabrication Shop to be located in an existing building. The IBC normally requires this type of use (F1) to be sprinkled but water is not available to support a sprinkler system. Drawings to be submitted using a non-combustible material and a fully monitored fire alarm system.

PERMITS SUBMITTED: 46 New Single-Family Dwelling and 16 Addition-Renovation; 1 Replacement; 10 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 4 Swimming Pools; 12 Demolition; 328 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 19 Commercial Including: First Quality Pilings for Machine #5, American Concrete Office/Shop, Upstate Federal Credit Union, Little Caesars Up-Fit, AFC Franchising Office Up-Fit, Electrical for Solar Array at Carolina Industrial Products, Electrical Service Repair for Palmetto Pallet, Lewis Drive Remediation Modular, Tower Foundation Upgrade, HVAC Change-out for Pilot Gas Station, Electrical Service Relocation at Echols Oil, Sign for Waffle House in Pendleton, Electrical Service to Sign of Hwy 153, New Monument Sign located of Hwy 153, Electrical for Covenant Baptist Church, Hood for Southern Smoke Barbecue, Sargent Metals Solar Array, Electrical to Park in West Pelzer, Whitefield Fire Department

Modular Building; 33 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Anderson Federal Credit Union located off Hwy 81, Dollar General located of Hwy 178, KFC Piedmont Sign, Sargent Metals Solar Array, Self-Storage Facility located off Hwy 81N, Whitefield Fire Department Modular Building and Various resubmittals

December Stats:

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Down 44% Compared to December 2015 (63 to 35)

o   Revenue up 20% Compared to December 2015 ($60,755.40 to $72,718.00)

o   Total of 918 permits/transactions – Up 50% Compared to December 2015 (612): 141 Building, 482 Electrical, 85 Plumbing, 91 HVAC, 56 Mobile Homes, 36 Demolition, 4 Moving, 27 Miscellaneous

o   Yearly Stats (January – December 2016):

o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits Up 1% Compared to 2015 (732 to 736)

o   Revenue down 2% Compared to 2015 ($910,504.40 to $888,823.30)

o   Total of 8958 permits/transactions – Up 15% Compared to 2015 (7773): 2079 Building, 2680 Electrical, 1234 Plumbing, 1311 HVAC, 996 Mobile Homes, 193 Demolition, 4 Moving, 461 Miscellaneous

Development Standards


§  Anderson Career Center New Conference Building for District 1 and 2 located in Williamston.

§  Wright Elementary School Expansion located in Belton.

§  BHP High School New Athletic Weight Room located in Honea Path.

§  Wren High School Expansion.

§  Anderson Federal Credit Union new financial institution located on Highway 81 across from TL Hanna High School.

§  Mt Pisgah Church Expansion

§  New Spec Commercial Building located at Ashland Chemical Way, Anderson-Autozone located off of Highway 153 at Wall Street Powdersville.

§  New Dollar General Retail Store located on Highway 8 Pelzer.


§  Michelin North America US 8 Facility

§  Northpointe Residential Subdivision


§  YMCA Powdersville

§  Waves Car Wash Highway 153

December Stats:

o   Land Use Permits Issued, 80

o   Septic Tank Permits, 24

o   Individual Summary Plats, 52

o   Commercial Upfits, 6

o   Subdivisions, 4

o   Compliance issues, 3

Roads & Bridges

Grading Crew dressed up the borrow pit on Michelin Boulevard and cleaned up “Mud in the Road” reported by storm water department on Sellers Drive; cost to clean up the street will be passed to property owner. Crew also replaced a cross-over pipe on Dunn Crest Road with a new RCP.

Asphalt crew patched potholes throughout the county with “Cold Patch Asphalt”, and one crew used the “Hot Patch Trailer”. When asphalt plants ran asphalt, the crews installed new aprons with “Hot Mix”.

Sign crews installed missing road signs called in to our work request system most of the week; also installed a missing sign and post at Council Chambers parking area.

Bridge crew investigated damage to a bridge pile on Cleveland Road reported by SCDOT-scheduled repairs and trenched across the parking lot at Brown Road to install a new conduit for the additional lights. Most of the week was spent continuing to build a stand for the new track hoe 12,000 counter-weight.

Ditching crew cleaned the grass and weeds off our inclement weather sand pile and re-stocked our “stock area” with sand for the weekend’s inclement weather threat 01-05-17.

Vegetation crew boomed where they could without getting the tractors in the ditch line and cleaned up storm damaged trees.

Completed first plan review for Hemlock Subdivision – Phase 2.

Completed first review of Woodland Hills Subdivision off of Cooper Road.

Approved driveway permit for Anderson Federal Credit Union at Hanna Crossing.

Received quotes for light pole at Brown Road Boat Ramp. 

Completed second plan review of Magnolia Farms Subdivision.

Received wetland permit for the Shiloh Church Road (West) bridge replacement project.

Advertised hollow cored slab materials bid for Shiloh Church Road (West) bridge replacement project.


The contract documents for the Broadway Dam Repair project have not yet been finalized.

Received resubmittal for Rogers Knoll Subdivision, Magnolia Farms, Bronson Ridge Subdivision.

Received new applications for Weems Creek Cattle Company Poultry House and Easley Hwy Dollar General.

Approvals issued and pre-cons held for MNA US-8 C-TPAT

Improvements, and North Pointe Subdivision.

Notices to Comply were issued to Smith Farms, Brookstone Meadows Clubhouse and Pool, an unpermitted parcel adjacent to Lake Hartwell, and Anderson Ford – Service Bay Addition.

Received major modification resubmittal for Brookstone Clubhouse and Pool.

Major modification approved for SC Hwy 81- Hanna Crossing.

Solid Waste

Individuals broke into the King David and Whitefield Convenience Centers this past weekend. These individuals were stealing metal, electronics and batteries.

Environmental Enforcement has been working the area of Big Creek Road this week due to complaints of litter on the road. Tickets are being issued due to littering and uncovered loads. The Detention Center and Anderson Regional Landfill staffs are also picking up litter on the road. 

Working to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We currently have 57 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.


Town of Iva’s current balance is $592,956.45

Met with developers looking for property to develop around Highway 81 and Powdersville area.

Talked with an attorney about deed for new pump station at Pendleton High school.

Reviewed Rogers Knoll subdivision plans.

Performed 2 residential sewer tap inspections in the Covered Bridge subdivision.

Marked 25 foot sewer ROW boundary at the end of the Innisbrook Subdivision. Homes are being built at the end of this subdivision that boarder our ROW.