Cherokee Road, other projects important for town

During a work session Tuesday, Williamston Town Council discussed a number of projects including paving, road and sewer projects for the town.
Mayor Mack Durham updated council on recent paving projects approved for Williamston by the Anderson County Transportation Committee. Paving will include portions of Mattison, Glenwood Drive, Pelzer Avenue, Glendale Drive, Mineral Park Lane and L Street. “We are really happy to to see finances for that,” Durham said.
Durham said he recently attended a GPATs meeting on SCDOT projects which he said features upcoming projects which focus on paving, safety, widening and interchanges. He said the upstate is 2.5 years into a ten year plan.
The Cherokee Road bridge and interchange are one of the projects on the list. According to Durham, work on the project is slated for 2021. “It could be important artery into Williamston,” Durham said.
Cherokee Road is also a direct access corridor into downtown Williamston and the town’s comprehensive plan outlines a project to connect Cherokee Road at Mauldin to West Main St. at Prince with a new road. The town has purchased property that would allow the new road to be constructed, however, Durham said the pricetag for the project is around $1 million. “Cherokee Road emphasizes that connection to Main St.,” he said.
Durham told Councilmembers that a inflow and infiltration (I&I) study on a collection line from the Shirley Drive pump station has recently been completed and the data is being compiled.
He said there is a high failure rate showing on one lateral line which could be the source for much of the I&I on the system.
Durham also mentioned the Habitat for Humanity housing project that is being considered for the Williamston area.
“It is a very exciting program to put some good home in Williamston for low to moderate income people,” he said. “We are very happy they chose us.”
Durham said the town will plan a worksession with representatives of the SC Municipal Association and ACOG to look at the advisory role the planning commission plays to the council.
the mayor said he is meeting with department heads in about two weeks to discuss budgets.
A budget worksession will be held in March he said.
Durham also said that a sidewalk project for Minor Street is expected to begin in March and they town is working on a way to hang festival banners on poles on West Main Street.
Durham said there will an executive session during the council meeting on Monday to discuss an economic development opportunity for the town.
The Williamston Town Council meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday.