Road re-striping underway in Anderson County


Anderson County Road paint line re-striping began Monday, October 15th. The contract with Roadway Management Corporation includes striping on the following roads:

Airline Rd (C-15-0120, from Hayes to Varennes Church Rd), A M Ellison Rd (C-06-0023), Cherokee Rd (C-07-0081), Circle Rd (C-01-0048), Cleveland Rd (C-09-0374), Fire Station Rd (C-02-0127), Hamlin Rd (C-02-0137), Hobby Lane (C-02-0137), Hopewell Rd (C-06-0015, curve only at # 3535), Joe Black Rd (C-01-0174), Little Mountain Rd (C-12-0022), Masters Blvd (C-09-0375), Melvin Ln (C-07-0039A), Mountain Springs Rd (C-02-0068), Mt Airy Church Rd (C-02-0029), and Murphy Rd (C-11-0034).

Also Paulan Rd (C-06-0025), Pineland Meadows Rd (C-10-0088A), Powdersville Rd (C-01-0022), Powell Rd (C-09-0150), Ramsey Rd (C-15-0131), Richland Dr (C-09-0293), Riddle Rd (C-16-0037), Roper Rd (C-02-0083), Sanders Rd (C-05-0016), Shiloh Church Rd (C-01-0140), Siloam Rd (C-01-0044), Sitton Hill Rd (C-01-0011), Stevenson Rd (C-12-0010), Vandiver Rd (C-10-0098, culvert area west of Crestview), Walker Road (C-03-0052), and Wilton E Hall Rd (C-12-0066).