West Pelzer updating computer equipment


By Stan Welch

The West Pelzer Town Council quickly took care of a few housekeeping matters before adjourning in less than a half hour Monday night.

The replacement of office equipment was at the top of the list. Mayor Peggy Paxton informed Council that the county will no longer provide the computer equipment used by the Town’s court clerk.

“We’re going to have to replace this equipment because Shane has to have it to do his job. We can use general fund money, and may be able to use some of the victim’s fund , based on the percentage of Shane’s work that is related to that,” said Paxton.

The Council voted 3-2 to purchase the computer and the special printer needed for it, at a cost of $1655.00. Councilmen Alexander and Sanders voted against the purchase, saying they felt the equipment could be obtained more cheaply.

The Council voted to approve the purchase of a laptop computer for use in the water and sewer department. The one currently in use is almost six years old and will not run the new software DHEC requires to perform monthly water audits. The laptop is also used to “radio read” many of the Town’s water meters.

Mike Mahaffey, of the water and sewer department, told Council that DHEC provides the software free, but the old laptop simply can’t run it. “We have just about got all the good out of this one.” The funds, $1058 will be taken from the sewer project fund.

Mayor Paxton amended the agenda to add some other business. She asked Councilman Sanders about an item on the upcoming agenda of the economic development group that Sanders is currently chairing. Sanders explained that the item, park expansion, referred to possible ways to combine or link waterways and green spaces in and between the three towns to increase recreation’s economic development impact in the area.

Sanders also informed Council that Bebe LeGrande, director of the Municipal Association of SC’s Main Street Communities program, will be in Williamston on Feb. 27 to explain the costs and benefits of that program. Sanders said one issue is whether the three towns can split the $100,000 cost for a three year membership, or not.

That meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Williamston Municipal Center.