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Pelzer, West Pelzer to combine sewer departments

By David Meade
During their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Pelzer Town Council heard comments from five residents, heard an update on grants and announcements that Pelzer and West Pelzer plan to combine their sewer departments into one department for both towns and that Public Works Head Brad West is leaving.
Two residents of Goodrich Street complained of serious problems on the street including drugs, fighting and people walking the streets at two or three in the morning. There was mention of a dead hog that was on one porch for four or five days and after numerous phone calls to different agencies, nothing was done about it.

Shady Grove Baptist – celebrating 150 years

By David Meade
One hundred and fifty years ago, Shady Grove Baptist Church was founded when fourteen black men and women set out from nearby Washington Baptist Church, just one and one-half miles east, and began meeting in a Brush Arbor. The date was Feb. 15, 1867, making Shady Grove Baptist one of the oldest churches in Greenville County.

Pelzer/West Pelzer working on plan for business district

By Stan Welch
Members of the Pelzer/West Pelzer steering committee for the Main Street Program met Monday to begin work on a master plan for the revitalization of the community’s business district.
Mayors Steve McGregor and Blake Sanders, along with Council members Roger Scott and Jim Riddle (from Pelzer and West Pelzer respectively) and at large members Gilbert Garrett and West Pelzer planning commissioner member David Odom were joined by Anderson County planning director Michael Forman.

New non-profit to hold work day and yard sale

    At old Pelzer hospital
    Restore Pelzer, a new non-profit recently formed by Pelzer Town Councilmembers and Pelzer residents will hold an indoor yard sale and work day this Saturday, Feb. 11 beginning at 8 a.m. at the old Pelzer Hospital Building.
    Restore Pelzer has as its mission to restore and preserve historic structures and spaces in the Town of Pelzer for the benefit of its citizens.

PBA Toast and Topics event February 21

The Palmetto Business Association (PBA) will host the first Toast and Topics event on February 21st at 8 am at Williamston Town Hall.
Mill Town Place, a new restaurant in West Pelzer, is sponsoring the event, making the event free for Palmetto Business Association members.

Christian Learning Centers program in need of teacher

Christian Learning Centers of the Upstate is in need of a qualified teacher to continue the program for the Palmetto area. Christian Learning Centers of the Upstate teaches Bible off-campus during the school day for 8 schools in the area.

Coal ash removal trucks to use secondary route

Hwy. 8 to I-85Due to SCDOT construction on Hwy. 25, outbound Waste Management trucks leaving the W.S. Lee Steam Station enroute to a landfill in Georgia will be using a secondary route on Hwy. 8 for the next several weeks.
The route, which was used in August, will take the Waste Management trucks hauling coal ash from the Lee Steam site to Homer Georgia through Pelzer and West Pelzer on Hwy. 8.

Pallet removal underway at Pelzer mill property

By David Meade/Stan Welch

Residents of the lower mill village in Pelzer will be glad to know that work has officially begun to remove a great eyesore and what many consider to be a hazard, from the lower mill property.  According to Anderson County Planning Director Michael Forman Bulk Tower, a company from near Atlanta, began work on removing the pallets this week. The contract allows for thirty days to complete the removal and disposal, but Forman said he anticipates a shorter time than that. Foreman said the County and the Pelzer Heritage Commission have been working together to obtain funding for the cleanup and the County also assisted in letting the bids and awarding the contract.

Forman explained that the company can dispose of the pallets in any way that they wish, so long as the method is legal. “They can grind them, they can burn them, they can recycle them. Once they are off the site, they belong to the company.”

According to Pelzer Mills Properties LLC Chairman Larry Coker, the pallets are currently being carried by truck to the Twin Chimney Land Fill in South Greenville County. Coker said the removal of pallets from the lower mill property is a big step for the area.

Tax base, police protection top of list for Pelzer council

During Council workshop

By David Meade – During the Pelzer Town Council workshop held Tuesday, council members discussed a number of topics related to the future of the town including several grants, possible improvements, revitalization efforts and setting a millage rate to provide a base for services. Mayor Steve McGregor began the meeting reporting that the town had received several letters of support that were included in an Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grant application that was submitted last week.

McGregor said that the towns of West Pelzer and Williamston, along with Anderson County, the Palmetto Business Association and Pelzer Heritage Commission provided letters. The $48,000 ARC grant is a Federal grant that if awarded to the town will be used to pay for a Master Plan for the Town of Pelzer. The deadline to apply for the grant was Jan. 23.

Palmetto Business Association starts year under new leadership

And new meeting schedule

By David Meade – Members of the Palmetto Business Association (PBA) began the year with a membership luncheon at Williamston Town Hall Tuesday. 2017 PBA President Blake Sanders welcomed approximately 25 business and community leaders and laid out plans for a revamped meeting and event schedule and other member incentives.

According to Sanders, PBA board members came up with a 2017 calendar of events that alternates a Toast and Topics breakfast meeting and a Business after Hours eventing meeting every other month with regular membership meetings. The meeting events will continue to be held on the third Tuesday of each month, however breakfast meetings will be held at 8 a.m., while after hours meetings will be at 6 p.m. The regular membership meetings will remain at 12 noon.

Pelzer officials urged to begin deciding what services the town wants

By David Meade

During their first meeting of 2017, Pelzer Town Council was urged to begin deciding services they want to provide and heard that a new non-profit has been established to save the hospital building. Council heard comments from two citizens, one with questions about an increase or decrease in water bills and whether there may be a service fee and another with concerns about taxes.

Jimmy Harrison, a resident of Parker Street expressed concerns about possible taxes on cars and boats, as well as property. “People have a hard time paying their water bills,” Harrison said, adding that some will have to choose between medication and bills if the town has taxes.

Pelzer Town Council to meet Jan. 10

Pelzer Town Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 10 at the Pelzer Community Building. Agenda items include:

OLD BUSINESS – Update on Phase II Sewer Project Update; Update on joint sewer committee with W. Pelzer
Udates on setting a Municipal Tax Base, Jimmy King and Skip Watkins ; MASC Grant, Hwy. 8 w/ West Pelzer – Accept $2500 Consultant Contract
NEW BUSINESS – Council to set 2017 calendar for monthly meetings.
INFORMATION – Party Interested in renting Pelzer Gym, Adjourn

West Pelzer, Pelzer continue to explore options

By Stan Welch

A spirit of cooperation between two towns that have been traditional rivals continues to grow,as the mayors of Pelzer and West Pelzer continue to meet to explore further opportunities to work together.

West Pelzer Mayor Blake Sanders, speaking to the Journal in a telephone interview, said that both towns are interested in developing additional partnerships that will allow them to work together to achieve common goals, such as a three party partnership with ReWa concerning the towns’ water and sewer needs. The two mayors will discuss entering into a feasibility study with ReWa later this week.

Mill Town Players seeking donations to compete in Kentucky

The Mill Town Players will take their production of “Of Mice and Men” to the Southeastern Theatre Conference Community Theatre Festival in March where they will compete against top theater productions from nine other states. The Mill Town Players production of “Of Mice and Men” won First Place in the South Carolina community theatre festival in November and will represent South Carolina in Kentucky.

Mill Town Players Executive Director Will Ragland estimates it will cost approximately $10,000 for expenses including registration, transportation, and lodging expenses to compete in the Festival. “We are asking supporters of Mill Town Players to consider making an end-of-year, tax deductible donation to help us make it to Kentucky,” Ragland said. “If you’re feeling generous and would like to help us, please send us a check in any amount.”

Pelzer continues looking at how to provide services for residents

By David Meade

Pelzer Town Council continued the process of looking at providing services for a new town, and how to pay for them, during a workshop held Tuesday prior to their regular meeting. With no tax base town officials are considering options to provide current and new services.

Water and sewer are the two main services already provided for residents, and repair and maintenance on both systems is an ongoing process, especially with limited resources and funds. Four representatives of the town’s sewer treatment provider Renewable Water Resources (REWA) presented information and offered to do a feasibility study on the town’s sytem to see what options are available.

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