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Gatewood subdivision, prowling among issues addressed by Council

By David Meade

Williamston Town Council approved a pay increase, discussed two issues related to the Gatewood subdivision, approved use of the park for a new spring festival and authorized an agreement to allow off duty Williamston police officers to work traffic control at Lee Steam Station. The February meeting was held Monday (Feb. 8).

Council approved second reading on an ordinance to increase the mayor and council salaries. The increase will place the salaries back to the level prior to reductions made during a financial crisis the town suffered about ten years ago. The mayor’s salary will be set at $2000 per month. Councilmembers will receive $600 per month. The change will go into effect in January of 2017.

Community promotion, safety issues in reports to council

The following information was presented to Williamston Town Council during their February meeting held Monday:

Envision Williamston Update

Envision Williamston Executive Director Sonya Crandall reported that new way finding signs were recently installed in Williamston. She said they showcase major landmarks including the Farmers Market and Artory. Crandall reported she was conducting an online survey for the GWBA concerning a possible change in the organization’s name. She also reported that Envision Williamston has a new website at

Williamston Police Stats

Williamston Police Chief Tony Taylor reported the following stats for the police department during January:

Uniform Patrol -

Calls for Service 1264

Incident Reports Filed 56

Council meeting rescheduled

The February Williamston Town Council meeting has been rescheduled for 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of February (February 8th) due to Council members being in Columbia for training purposes.

Burgess announces for Senate District 4 seat


Local businessman and current Williamston Council Member, Rockey Burgess has formally announced his candidacy for the S.C. Senate 4th District seat. Burgess spoke to a group of about 20 people gathered to hear his announcement at the Williamston Municipal Center Friday.

“I believe the best government is that which governs least,” Burgess said. “The citizens of this state demand that their government be held accountable to the citizens that it represents, to have open and transparent dicussion about the issues that affect their lives, and to operate within the confines of a balanced budget that serves the needs of the citizenry while not overburdening the taxpayer.”

Burgess intends to seek Senate seat

RockeyBurgessOfficial announcement this Friday

On Friday, Jan. 15, with family, friends and supporters at his side, local businessman and current Williamston Council Member, Rockey Burgess, will formally announce his candidacy for S.C. Senate 4th District. The public announcement will be held in front of Williamston Town Hall Friday at 2 P.M.

Several potential candidates have expressed intentions of possibly running for the seat. Burgess is the first to say he definitely intends to announce as a candidate.

Williamston Pastor serving as state Evangelical Coalition leader


For Dr. Ben Carson

By David Meade

Local pastor and Williamston resident Mark Wall is serving as the South Carolina Evangelical Coalition Leader for Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Wall said he was surprised and is still in shock that he was selected by the Carson campaign to head the coalition of ministers and to work with Dr. Carson in the state.

He was serving as the co-pastor at Re-Generation Church of Jesus Christ in Anderson when an unlikely thing happened recently. “The Lord dealt with me about giong back into evangelism and I said yes. Twenty-four hours later I had a call from the Ben Carson campaign asking if I wanted to be on the Carson campaign Evangelical Coalition.”

Williamston mayor and council to get salary increase in 2017

By David Meade

During their first meeting of the new year, Williamston Town Council approved an ordinance to re-name the new Ridge Court Extension, approved $25,000 to renovate the gym at Town Hall and approved a salary increase for mayor and council that will take effect in 2017.

In a 3-2 vote, Williamston Town Council approved an ordinance to set the salary of mayor and council back to previous levels. However the vote was not unanimous. Councilmembers David Harvell and Otis Scott were both opposed. Councilmembers Tony Hagood, Rockey Burgess and Mayor Mack Durham were in favor. The change will not take effect until January of 2017.

Council to consider pay increase

By Stan Welch

While he was not present at council worksession held last Tuesday (Dec. 29), Williamston Town Councilman Rockey Burgess nevertheless made a major impact. Unable to attend, he sent along a suggestion that the salary for the mayor be restored to the level it was at ten years ago.

That level was set at $2,000 per month, and was reduced to $800 per month during the town’s direst financial straits several years ago. The salary for the Council members was also reduced from $600 a month to $400.

“It is always for the children . . .”


By Vickie Creamer/David Meade

Whether you know her as Mrs. Lollis, Mrs. Lawless or Mrs. Claus, Dianne Lollis is well known for her countless hours of volunteer services in the Town of Williamston as well as the Town of Pelzer. She is involved in many area organizations and events: July 4th celebrations, Boo in the Park, Spring Water Festival, Christmas Park, Pelzer Fall Festival and others. She has been instrumental in Williamston’s Park committee and currently serves as President of the Pelzer Heritage Commission.

It is doubtful that most people realize the amount of time and effort Lollis has put into coordinating and organizing these special events. When word went out ten years ago that the town was broke and volunteers were needed to keep the Spring Water Festival going, Dianne was there.

Letters home


From Williamston Female College

The Palmetto Area Cultural Arts Center at The Artory hosted its second annual Christmas Dinner Theater Fundraiser recently. This year, the event featured an original one-person play called “Letters Home.” Starring Palmetto High Freshman Gracie Poore, the play featured Poore as a Williamston Female College student of the 1890’s. Drawing from actual correspondence from the period, Jane Tucker Addison and Thomas Addison wrote the play which retells many stories of local history, as seen through the eyes of a Female College student. (Photo by Tom Lee)



Jane Tucker Addison and Thomas Addison co-writers of the PACAC original play called “Letters Home” with Gracie Poore, who was featured in the one person production drawing on local history. (Photo by Tom Lee)


Time is running out for Belk’s Jewelers


Closing Dec. 31

By David Meade

One of the oldest family run businesses in town is closing. Belk’s Jewelers located at 38 East Main Street in downtown Williamston, has served the area since 1958. The business was started by Murley Columbus Belk in 1958. M. C. Belk worked for McKinney’s Jewelry on Main St. in Greenville before coming to Williamston in 1957 and opening his own jewelry business.

Palmetto AFJROTC at Williamston Parade


Palmetto Mustangs tubas


Wren Hurricanes horns

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